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Carbon Pickle

Carbon Pickle Lead Paddle Weights (10 Pack)

Carbon Pickle Lead Paddle Weights (10 Pack)

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Enhance your pickleball performance with our premium 10-pack of paddle weights. Specifically designed for precision and adaptability, these lead weights attach seamlessly to the edge of your paddle, enabling you to customize the balance between power and control. Suitable for all skill levels, these weights are ideal for players aiming to refine their gameplay.

Material: High-quality lead for durability and consistent performance.
Customization: Allows for adjustable weight placement to suit individual playing styles.
Adhesion: Securely sticks to paddle edges, ensuring reliable performance during play.
Quantity: 10 weights per pack, perfect for schools, clubs, or individual players.
Skill Level: Beneficial for beginners and competitive players alike.

Increased Power: Adds weight to your paddle for more powerful hits.
Improved Control: Stabilizes your swing for better control over your shots.
Personalized Feel: Adjusts easily to match your comfort and playing preferences.

How to Use:
1. Ensure the paddle surface is clean and dry.
2. Peel off the adhesive backing from a weight.
3. Firmly press the weight onto the desired area of the paddle’s edge.
4. Adjust the position as needed for optimal performance.


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